WHOGA Newsletter - 

For many years WHOGA has produced a regular newsletter, written, edited and distributed by a faithful group of Old Girls.

For those who received and treasured this link with the past, it has been a regular source of enjoyment and an unbroken communication with friends from those school years.

Today, we are fortunate in having the technology to enhance this link and even more importantly to allow EVERY Old Girl to become a contributor to her very own newsletter!

The present editorship role has fallen to Teresa (Tsa) Palmer (nee Whitworth). She has grasped the internet nettle and invites you to be part of WHOGA electronic magazine by providing comments, photos, ideas, announcements, jokes, advice and classified ads by way of a website. You may well have other thoughts that you would like to become regular features in the newsletter?

If you have a connection with West Heath, whether you were a student, teacher or governor, please do get in touch.... Join Here

This all new WHOGA website is here to:

  • Facilitate personal contacts, new and renewed with other WHOGs for mutual support, both in the UK and overseas.
  • Communicate and encourage participation in WHOGA events - social, cultural and sporting
  • Facilitate the promotion of valuable business contacts
  • Keep Old Girls up-to-date with areas of mutual interest

These objectives are consistent with the overall purpose of WHOGA, which is based on the common heritage and bond that we all share.

West Heath