If you are interested in joining WHOGA, the WHOGA website or renewing your links, then please contact:

Frances Shone
West Heath Old Girls Association
The Coombes
Nell Hill

If you wish to join please remember to provide the following details:

Maiden Name, Married Name, Postal Address, Email Address, and the years you were at West Heath. This information will then ensure you are on the mailing list for Old Girls' events, and your details will be entered into the contacts database which is on the members only part of the website.

For the website to remain private and confidential within the Association, by sending a life membership fee of £20, you will have your very own a user name and password for the newsletter. It will be a bit like having your own PIN number.

This means that you and you alone, can receive and send words and pictures for each edition of the newsletter.

We will look at the possibility of providing the spoken word too, if there is sufficient interest!

West Heath